107th Monte Rio Variety Show Entertainers List (July 26, 2018)

Preshow Local Entertainers

  • Mark Larson Band
  • Willie Perez Band
  • Bill McCubbin Duo

Main Show Entertainers

  • Tom “Smokey” McCrea                             Spoken Word Comedy
  • Eric Strattman                                             National Anthem
  • Peter Sagal                                                   MC (Sire)
  • Brian Nova                                                   Jazz Guitarist and Vocalist
  • Liam Tiernan                                               Folk Singer
  • Paul Brady                                                    Irish Singer and Songwriter
  • Shelly Berg                                                    Pianist, Composer
  • Gary Mule Deer                                            Comedic musician
  • Billy Valentine                                              Musician Artist
  • Tim Hockenbery                                          Singer and Songwriter
  • Kelly Veach                                                   Tribute to 1st Responders
  • Kix Brooks                                                    Country Musician
  • Tim Nichols                                                  Singer and Songwriter
  • Patrick Martin                                             Magician
  • Matt Szmela                                                 Violinist
  • Roy Rogers                                                   Guitarist
  • Elvin Bishop                                                Blues and Rock & Roll Singer Guitarist
  • Dan Wheetman                                          Country and Broadway Star
  • Pat Flynn                                                     Guitarist, singer and songwriter
  • Rafe Van Hoy                                              Singer and Songwriter
  • Bob Dipiero                                                Country Singer and Songwriter

108th Monte Rio Variety Show is set for Thursday, July 25, 2019.

The show must go on! With the very successful 107th Monte Rio Variety Show behind us we are planning for the next fabulous show on July 25, 2019. More information will be available as the date gets closer.

Thanks to everyone who attended the 107th Show, to those who donated goods and services, and particularly to all the volunteers who worked so diligently to make the Show such a success.  Special recognition goes to Michele McDonell, the shows champion and principal organizer.

Thank You for a Successful 2017 Show!

On behalf of the Monte Rio School and Fire Services, and St. Catherine Catholic Church, we thank the individuals who provided the production resources and entertainment contacts this year and for the past 106 years.    We are grateful to the awesome performers who give their time and talent, and also the crew and volunteers without whom this event would not be possible.

Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunne joined us for the 106th Monte Rio Variety Show.
Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunne joined us for the 106th Monte Rio Variety Show.

The 106th show was enjoyed by over 2000 audience members – the largest since our 100th Anniversary Show in 2011. Our Entertainment list included:

Dick Hardwick (Compere)
Rick Walsh and band (Jazz)
Smokey (one of the longest running acts for the show as a storyteller)
Dan Brower – National Anthem
John Ballachey (Jack Jones song)
Liv Taylor (James Taylor’s brother – Folk Song)
Gary Muledeer (Comedy)
Shelly Berg (Jazz Piano)
Billy Valentine (Pop Song)
Patrick Martin (Magician)
David Jackson (Comedy & Song)
Mark O’Connor Bank (bluegrass with fiddle)
Tim Huffman (Country song)
Phil Vassar (Country song)
Tim Nichols (Singer, guitarist, songwriter)
Ray Benson (Country song)
Kix Brooks and Friends (Country, Finale)