Preshow Local Entertainers

  • Mark Larson Band
  • Willie Perez Band
  • Bill McCubbin Duo

Main Show Entertainers

  • Tom “Smokey” McCrea                             Spoken Word Comedy
  • Eric Strattman                                             National Anthem
  • Peter Sagal                                                   MC (Sire)
  • Brian Nova                                                   Jazz Guitarist and Vocalist
  • Liam Tiernan                                               Folk Singer
  • Paul Brady                                                    Irish Singer and Songwriter
  • Shelly Berg                                                    Pianist, Composer
  • Gary Mule Deer                                            Comedic musician
  • Billy Valentine                                              Musician Artist
  • Tim Hockenbery                                          Singer and Songwriter
  • Kelly Veach                                                   Tribute to 1st Responders
  • Kix Brooks                                                    Country Musician
  • Tim Nichols                                                  Singer and Songwriter
  • Patrick Martin                                             Magician
  • Matt Szmela                                                 Violinist
  • Roy Rogers                                                   Guitarist
  • Elvin Bishop                                                Blues and Rock & Roll Singer Guitarist
  • Dan Wheetman                                          Country and Broadway Star
  • Pat Flynn                                                     Guitarist, singer and songwriter
  • Rafe Van Hoy                                              Singer and Songwriter
  • Bob Dipiero                                                Country Singer and Songwriter

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