The Traditions of the Monte Rio Show  


The Monte Rio Variety Show began in 1911 to raise funds to build a Catholic Church in Monte Rio.   The show was originally performed at St. Catherine’s Church and today the annual event is held near the banks of the Russian River at the beautiful Monte Rio Amphitheater. The event is organized by volunteers of the beneficiaries, who sell the tickets, BBQ, and refreshments.

Great performers, many of them stars of stage and screen, entertain and perform for us in the redwood rimmed setting.   It is a world class show, performed in the town of Monte Rio, population 1,152, in the heart of our renown Vacation Wonderland.  For more information please contact us at Email or

An example of one of our traditions was the show finale featuring John Creighton Murray playing his Stradivarius violin.  He closed the show each year with Schubert’s Ave Maria.  Here is a link to a 1990 recording, with a photo,  playing at the Old Monte Rio School.   The photo and audio are shared by the audio and light technician at the time.  While Mr. Murray can no longer play for us in person,  we are grateful to be able to share it with everyone and remember the beauty and grace of this music.

Historical Program

In 2011 the Monte Rio Show celebrated its 100th consecutive show with this informative Anniversary Program. There are many amazing fact covering the past Monte Rio Variety Show that you will enjoy reading about.

Check it out at:   MRVS 100th Anniversary Program